First Experience _Earth moves

Om Namo Bhagavathe Sri Ramanaya!  
                    Arunachala Siva !

What is happening ? 
Things happen naturally .

This is my first experience  with Bhagwan  Sri Ramana .
I got a photo of  Bhagwan Sri Ramana  and i have pasted this in my room. 
I see the brilliance in him . Suddenly I was connected to the SELF,the self that was described in SELF ENQUIRY . Suddenly i could experience a power or sensation  my body after  the eye to eye contact .
I felt Bhagwan in my heart and Arunachala Mountain as well  but i am not aware on the background where Bhagwan is from and what his work is? 

Suddenly I went down to park in my apartment . I was experiencing being ness of SELF suddenly I could feel the Earth is like a waves it is vibrating  like the waves in a ocean . 
What I felt Personally is EARTH is vibrating , forming changing new things are coming in the nature of Earth  and going as per the changes in the atmosphere . This I could view this with my eyes. This is first impression of the self…